What Are The Different Lights I Have, And When Should I Use Them?

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  • November 02, 2017

What Are The Different Lights I Have, And When Should I Use Them?

Many people do not use the right part of the light because they do not understand the differences between the different types of lights installed on their cars, or what are their different uses. This is a quick guide to the light of every major type of light that you may find for your car.

The daytime running lights are suitable for all new cars released after February 2011. Whenever the ignition is on, these lights are on and the headlamp switch is in the "OFF" position. They use the main headlamp or front fog lamp unit, a row of LED or a slender shape of the light bar in the form of dim headlamps. Where they are sure that your car is attracting people's attention on the road, but cannot be used instead of the normal headlights or sidelights at low visibility or nighttime.

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Side lights in accordance with the standard configuration, all cars are used in the form of small light bulbs, usually under the main headlights, sometimes in the headlamp unit of another part. Some of the newer cars use daytime running lights as sidelights, and when you turn on the sidelights, dim them. They are at the same time with the rear lights, so you can use at night, because they are very dim, do not project the beam in front of the car, which means that you will not be able to see where you want to go. If you are concerned that other drivers may not be able to see, you can also use these to light your car. Their low brightness means that they do not discharge batteries as quickly as normal headlights.

Dipped-beam headlights, when you open them, the sidelights remain, but the main headlamp unit to direct the beam to the front and bottom joins them. This means that you will get a red light behind the car, plus the bright white light on the front. They must be used when driving at sunset, but you should also use them in any environment where visibility is damaged, including when passing through rain, fog, smoke, and even tunnels.

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Full-beam headlights these are brighter headlights. If you have an oncoming car or a car in the same direction, it is important not to use them, because they are too bright to allow other road users to dazzle. When you encounter other traffic, they will open, otherwise you may block other drivers. You should also avoid using them in the fog, bright beams will not penetrate them; Instead, It is reflected back, which means it will lower your visibility, rather than increase its visibility.

The rear fog light is a brighter version of your rear sidelights. They are standard as all vehicles and are used to ensure that your car can be seen from behind even at low visibility. Only when the visibility down to 100m below, in order to open the fog lights, as long as the visibility rises again, should be closed again.

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Front Fog Lights, usually located in the front bumper of the car, project a lower beam, and when you are slowly driving in the fog, you can help you see the edge of the road near the place. Therefore, you may find that your front fog lamp is invalid. In any case, only when the visibility falls below 100m, they should be used to supplement the beam headlights instead of replacing them. When the visibility exceeds 100 meters, they should also be completely closed, because they can make other road users dazzling.