About Automotive LED Headlights Regulations

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  • December 11, 2017

About Car Led Headlights Regulations

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What are the rules and regulations about headlights? It seems like the low-beam headlights on some new vehicles are as bright as an older car's high-beams. What about the height of headlights on big trucks and SUVs? What's the best way to handle an oncoming driver that appears to have their high-beams on? Can I flash my high beams at them?

Lots of people get annoyed over how drivers use or misuse automotive LED headlights, and with good reason. I can’t think of any other driving behaviors have the potential to temporarily blind another motorist. Okay, maybe “blind” is hyperbole, but anyone who drives at night knows the experience of encountering an oncoming driver who fails to dim their high beams, and how much that impacts vision.

The brightness of a vehicle’s automotive LED headlights is limited by the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard. Any new car is required to meet this standard, so these new headlights are not technically “too bright.” However, new cars with LED or HID lights tend to have a bluish tint, while older headlights have a yellowish tint. Our pupils don’t respond as quickly to bluish light, causing our eyes to perceive more glare from lights on the blue end of the spectrum. This glare is what makes us think the lights are brighter. Once we get onto the topic of vehicles with after-market lighting systems, disregard everything I have just said about federal limits. Many aftermarket LED and HID lights are labeled for off-road use only and don’t comply with the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard. Car headlights are limited to a height between 24 inches and 54 inches from the ground to the center of the light. There are a few jacked up trucks and SUV owners that violate this law, but often the problem isn’t that the headlight is higher than 54 inches, but that the headlight is improperly adjusted. The law requires that headlights are properly adjusted. Drivers are required to dim their headlights when approaching an oncoming vehicle within 500 feet or when approaching the rear of a vehicle within 300 feet.

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