The First And Thinnest FPC Design For Hyundai Led Car DRL Strips

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  • October 12, 2017

The First And Thinnest FPC Design For Car Hyundai Led DRL Strips—Custom Design Cooperation With India Customers

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There are lots of Hyundai series cars in India. Hyundai creta and i20’s led drl strips attract people. However, only high version Hyundai creta and i20 has this led drls strips. There are great demands on this led strips retrofit in India market.
The india customer found us from google. He first found us for the led flexible drl tube strips; He is satisfied with our product and quality. So he wants deep cooperation.
There are lots of Hyundai creta series car owner want to modify their headlight assembly as high version Hyundai creta. However, Hyundai design small space for these kinds of led strips for after market modification. You can't install any exist led drl strips inside.
Anhorng Electronics is concentrated on car led lighting patent design manufacturing in 12 years, We have 5 engineers who has more than 10 years car led lighting experience, we know how to custom design the car led lights with our patent technology. In order to solve the narrow space inside the headlight assembly, we are thinking different solutions, first we have to design as slim as the led strips to fix this narrow space, the other we need to think about the heat radiation.
After many failures, we design this first and thinnest FPC led strips for Hyundai creta led strips light. It is only 0.01mm thickness and it can be flexible to match the hard headlight assembly radian, because this material can be bend perfectly. It is powered by super brilliant led chips to ensure the 800cd for daylight function, we also design it as sequential amber color function to be attractive. It function as daytime running light with xenon white color as driving light, function as sequential amber color as turn signal. We design the led chips working in best condition so that we get good heat radiation.
It is the first and thinnest FPC design led drl strips for Hyundai creta, our India customer launches it to India market, the feedback is wonderful. We got bigger order from our customer monthly.