Car Led Rear Bumper Lights AHRBL20 - Car Led Rear Bumper Lights

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Car Led Rear Bumper Lights AHRBL20

Makes your car rear bumper original,high quality mould makes it elegant.It makes your car as custom design rear bumper light.

  • Product Name :

    Car Led Rear Bumper Lights

  • Model :


  • Voltage :


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  • Chips :

    1000 Led

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  Product Description                                                                                                             

         Led Rear Bumper Light With Custom Design AHRBL20


Many people are looking forward to retrofit is original; they hope after retrofit, it looks like just original. We can install the

led tailgate trunk light, we can install the led turning light, we can install the led taillight, and then now we can also install

the led rear bumper light too. It makes your car as custom design rear bumper light.
Anhorng electronics is concentrated on car led lighting patent technology for 12 years, this time we have this led rear

bumper light.

What we have from Anhorng Led rear bumper light?
1.Makes your car rear bumper original.
2.High quality mould makes it elegant.
3.3 years guarantee.

  Product Dispaly                                                                                                                    

       Car Led Rear Bumper Lights


           4.Chips:1000 Led


  Product Description                                                                                                             


 Why Choose Us                                                                                                                     

Sales Team Advantage
We have 10 sales who has more than 5 years led lighting marketing experience. They are professional,the progress of

orders will be sent to you by photos at any time. You will know the production of orders as well. Meanwhile, we can adjust

and optimize the order according to your reasonable advice, then we make can totally match your needs and market. Our

sales team is 24 hrs service, you will get well pre-service experience any time.

QC Team Advantage
We are insisting on our QC standard, We insist on full inspection of all products before delivery. We have our SMD

production line, it is high speed with high precision for pcb board. After SMD machine, we go to reflow soldering machine;

this machine will help us to check whether our pcb can be high temperature resistance.
We have LED FAST SPECTRORADIOMETER; it can help us to analyze our product’s current-illumination characteristic.

We have high-low temperature tester; we will simulate the high temperature 80 degree to low temperature -40 degree to test

our products. Our PRECISION SALT SPRAY TEST MACHINE can help us to test whether our products can be salt

resistance,antioxidant and anticorrosive.Our PCB YLPL can help us to cut our pcb neat and protect the pcb not to be

tearing up.Our collision-testing machine can help us to test our product to be shatter-resistant.

R & D Team Advantage
We have 5 engineers who has more than 10 years car led lighting experience, we know how to custom design the car led

lights with our patent technology. We have an integral process of car led lighting development, making, checking and

service. We got 35 patents in the past years and some of them are with emark certification to match the EU standard.

Meanwhile, we use 16 precise instruments to advance our R&D Level. We are concentrated on car led lighting patent

technology for 12 years.

 Our Certification & Patent                                                                                                    


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