About Us


Anhorng Electronics is concentrated on car led lighting patent design manufacturing in 12 years, We have 5 engineers who has more than 10 years car led lighting experience, we know how to custom design the car led lights with our patent technology. We have an integral process of car led lighting development, making, checking and service. We got 35 patents in the past years and some of them are with emark certification to match the EU standard. Meanwhile, we use 16 precise instruments to advance our R&D Level.

car led lights exhibition hall

Currently there are three main categories of our products are: Car led headlights, car led interior light, car led strips. Anhorng electronics is insisting on our QC standard, we insist on full inspection of all products before delivery. We have our SMD production line; it is high speed with high precision for pcb board. After SMD machine, we go to reflow soldering machine; This machine will help us to check whether our pcb can be high temperature resistance.

We have LED FAST SPECTRORADIOMETER; It can help us to analyze our product’s current-illumination characteristic. We have high-low temperature tester; We will simulate the high temperature 80 degree to low temperature -40 degree to test our products. Our PRECISION SALT SPRAY TEST MACHINE can help us to test whether our products can be salt resistance, antioxidant and anticorrosive. Our PCB YLPL can help us to cut our pcb neat and protect the pcb not to be tearing up. Our collision-testing machine can help us to test our product to be shatter-resistant.

Anhorng electronics has many successful car led lighting customer cases in the past few years. We got very positive customer feedback.
Anhorng electronics will be your best car led lighting supplier.

Feel free to contact us at carled01@carledlightsah.com.